False Balance


So this is my new blog where I will discuss false balances and just weights.

Yes indeed – you can see this proverb in the market in Greenwich (London) – I think it boils down to meaning – do right by your neighbour. Greenwich is an old naval type place which means that trade was a big thing – I’m guessing that crooked traders would mess with their weights so that when they were selling stuff they could get more than they should – so – a false balance ‘tainted weight’ is not awesome in the eyes of the lord – whereas a correct and true weight ‘is his delight’ meaning that he likes people to be honest.

I think thats pretty cool.

Reminds me of an awesome French proverb – ‘L’habit ne fait le moine’ which translates as ‘Its not the cowl that makes the monk’ as in don’t judge a book by its cover – awesome


One response to “False Balance

  1. Get a job.

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