Walk with me

I’ve always loved walking – I guess being a child of the portable music generation it meant I could combine 2 of my favorite things – music and exploration. Having read a bunch of books on walking, flaneurs, psychogeography and the like I love how its so tied in with thought, literature and ideas. Peripatetic is perhaps one of my favorite words and not just because its big and clever but because the idea of Aristotle and a bunch of dudes wandering around the Lyceum chatting about stuff is awesome. Anyway partly inspired by that and partly by Ian Sinclair et al I’ve taken to walking around London listening to awesome podcasts – I’m trying to think of a way to impart this to you dear readers in a thought provoking and interesting way but for the moment here’s my walk of Sunday care of awesome walking 2.0 site mapmywalk.com. (perhaps not so awesome as I couldn’t imbed the actual interactive map thingy)


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