Monday Muxtape Meme Madness

So a while ago Jamie tagged me on one of those ‘8 things you don’t know about me’ memes – I began thinking about it and found it really tricky to come up with anything that wasn’t too personal but that people might not know, oh and something semi interesting – I couldn’t think of much and then I was also stumped at who to further tag as most people I know in the bloggersphere have already participated in this meme – sooooo I’ve decided to start a new one.

Everyone has been going on about Muxtape recently and I’ve been itching to give it a go – its interesting – super simple to use but sometimes too simple – when you’re listening to the muxtape there don’t seem to be any start, stop or pause buttons however the ‘buy this mp3’ button is really nice and goes directly to Amazon.

So here is my muxtape – GRUMBLEMOUSE MUXTAPE – I’ve been trying to make a dusty, desert type driving mixtape for a while but certain songs I just had to put on their so its more of a tunes I love collection. Hope you enjoy it and now to tag some people and hear what they’ve been listening to. I choo choo choose

Jamie Coomber

Charlie Gower

Sam Ismail

Priyanka Kanse

Mark Hadfield

Mark Earls

Charles Frith

Dipti Bramhandkar


3 responses to “Monday Muxtape Meme Madness

  1. Damn, ‘girl from the north country’ always makes my hair stand on end. Amazing! Still love the Johnny Cash and Bob version… specially on crackly vinyl.. makes me get all emotional.

  2. I’m top of this. Sort of. Give me a few days! Thanks

  3. … yeah me too – promise!

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