100 Million Dollar Grumblemouse

For the past few weeks Charlie Tantramar and I have been spending our Saturdays ensconced in the Hoxton Country Club supping cognac, smoking cigars and discussing future investments – seems like none of us are gonna be getting decent pensions due to wrong demographics and probably cos we’re all freelance. Anyway we’ve been chatting about investing in art, projects, companies and since the whole Microhoo deal I’ve realized that I tend to listen to a lot of business podcasts relating to tech / web companies – anyway I’ve got myself a little fantasy portfolio over at WallStreetSurvivor.com – I only set it up on Friday but I’ve already made almost $1000 – sweeeeeeeeet.

I know its only play money but its kind of exciting so from now on I’m going to be having semi regular Grumblemouse Portfolio Updates – if I win big I want a) A black bentley continental with black rims

and b) a white 1988 Porsche 911 turbo convertible with white rims

And then, once I’ve got loads of money and cars, and the rest of Team Awesome have got their money and cars we’re gonna make a video – maybe it’ll be a cover version of this – haha Sam can play Rick Ross!


2 responses to “100 Million Dollar Grumblemouse

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  2. me, I don’t need no Porsche, Ima have a boat and sail around French Polynesia for the rest of my days listening to Loggins and Messina. Hear me roar.

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