The Grumblemouse Portfolio of Awesomeness – week 1

Ok, so here we are at the end of my first full week of snorting coke and wearing red braces – its had its highs and of course its lows but when all is said and done I think I’ve learnt a lot and grown as a person. Oh and I made $5590.79 cents!! Woot – I am very happy about this – I think this means that I have been trading with a return rate of 5.59% and the machine thingy says that I have an annual return rate of 220% which must be good.

I’d like to thank Empire Resorts [NYNY] who build casinos and stuff – they finished up like 12% – also Corcept Theraputics [CORT], I don’t really know what you guys do but thanks. Yahoo [YHOO] was also ok this week but fuck knows what it means with Carl Ichan throwing rattles out of the pram – anyone care to let me know? And not forgetting PBR – no not the hipster drink Petroleo Brasileiro S.A [PBR], they’re a Brazilian  oil company.

I’m slightly disappointed with my solar companies RSOL and STP – they really stitched me up mid week although I’m holding on to the STP ones for the moment.

I’m most disappointed in my gaming stuff – both Activision [ATVI] and Take Two [TTWO] have been lame although I’m really holding out for my China gaming crew The9 [NCTY] and Giant Interactive [GA] – both who are involved in online gaming which methinks is gonna get large over there. Oh and I put a bundle of money into China Digital TV [STV] who make chips for digital TV things – anyway their stock is way low and they seem to be gearing up for some exciting times and people are chatting about them so we’ll see.

Anyone got any tips let me know – if they pay off I’ll give you a ride in my Porsche.


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