My perfect Saturday in London

So Krista from Londonelicious created a little meme called Your Perfect Saturday in London and a bunch of blog friends have posted theirs so I thought I would too. This is the bare bones of what I’d do but most of them link to my reviews on Tipped where you can read more about what I think of them.

10ish – Get up and head out to Macondo for awesome breakfast of Heuvos Rancheros and coffee.

11ish – walk along Bishopsgate to Monument Station, hang a left and go and sit in St Dunstan in the East – nothing happens here, thats the point!

12ish – pop across the river to Borough Market and probably snack on an oyster or most probably the ultimate cheese sandwich from the raclette man, each sandwich contains enough calories to sustain a small family of elephants for a week!)

1ish – catch the DLR from Bank to Canary Wharf, grab a coffee from Brera and sit in the little fountain square and watch the people that hang out there, fuck its awesome, I love Canary Wharf its such a mix of contradictions, parodies and randomness.

1.30ish – Catch the 135 to Island Gardens

1.45ish – grab a salt fish dumpling from Island Gardens Cafe and then take the Greenwich foot tunnel over to Greenwich.

2ish – pass through the Greenwich Market and then up the hill past the observatory and over the top and then down across Blackheath until you hit Bookshop on the Heath.

2.30ish – head back over the heath and down the hill until you hit Greenwich Union where it may or may not be time for a steak but definitely a pale ale or two.

4ish – head back to the cutty sark and get the Thames Clipper back to London Bridge – ugh the boat is so the best way to see the city and cheap too!

4.30ish – head back to the borough market for beers at The Rake.

6.30ish – get the bus back to Shoreditch and stop by City Beverage Co for supplies and then home to cook food, drink beers, listen to music and generally not go outside my house on a Saturday night, its fucking carnage out there!


3 responses to “My perfect Saturday in London

  1. I didn’t know about that bookshop at all, and I live near Blackheath. Where have I been!?

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  3. Hello mate. Am reading this because I’m a friend of @doug_graeme and followed a link or something from his tweets. Anyway, I lived in London for 5 years before coming to live in Mexico City. You’re perfect Saturday in London made me daydream…and it was a nice day dream too.

    Anyway I’ll be following the tweets and if you want to follow mine I’m @siburgess79

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