Tipped Chilli Cook-Off

Wow – I think I’m broken – I think I’ve completely overloaded my fun and awesomeness receptors or whatever. This weekend Tipped organised a Chilli Cook-Off and it fucking went off! 8 chilli cooks went head to head in a taste off at the Mucky Pup – the level of competition was insane – every chilli tasted amazing and most of them had very unique and distinct flavours.

Anyway everyone got to vote for their favorite and in the end the lovely Helen Graves of Food Stories emerged victorious.

However this was far from the end of the festivities – I built a couple of pinatas, one of which was a Sarah Palin pinata so we all squashed outside into the garden, necked a bunch of tequila and set about hitting boxes.

The Palin pinata was much more sturdy than we had previously thought so it was necessary for the Chilli Wizard to set fire to her!

We then all headed back inside where the Chilli Wizard DJ’d awesome old hair metal and cock rock and we danced until we fell over.

Thanks to Tiki Chris and Helen for the photos. I took some more photos here.


4 responses to “Tipped Chilli Cook-Off

  1. Well, what can I say ? really really wanted to go… but got stuck in the office all weekend (and that’s not even a lie) ;-(

  2. Ooooh, looks like a great time was had by all! The one with the green chillies on top looks lethal!!

  3. Yeah baby, that was some awesome hot chilli action! I might even get the chefs hat out for another little victory tour this weekend, hot damn!

  4. damn! I am in the wrong city, looked like too much fun, and nothing like some chilli to spice things up!

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