Why I haven’t posted for so long

Essentially I’ve been working my ass off at Tipped – It’s my ultimate job ever. I get to be nice to people, come up with awesome event ideas and drink a lot of beer (which actually makes me better at my job!)

However, everyone else manages to blog whilst working their awesome jobs, so why not me? Well there are a couple of blogs out there that make me question everything about blogging.

Hipster Runoff – Hipster Runoff is a parody of pretty much 95% of blogs out there – it strives for authenticity by constantly questioning authenticity – what is bloggable? why do we blog? why do we quest for authenticity? It’s truely awesome!

Riff Market – written by ex Village Voice (semi-disgraced) writer Nick Sylvester it’s pretty much the most inpenetrable awesome blog about music, life and the universe.

Both of these blogs are rediculously obtuse – in a world where people strive for homogeny without realising it these guys are keeping it real – by being so SO wilfully obtuse they make a mockery of the people that that just try to be niche or obtuse. But in doing so they end up being the only light of truth out there in the meme world of internets. Viral? Sticky? These guys OWN the internet and most people don’t know about them.

Anyway, the main reason I haven’t been blogging is that I want to be blogging like these guys but they do it so much better – don’t read this blog, save your time for reading them.


4 responses to “Why I haven’t posted for so long

  1. I think you write good blogs

  2. aw cheers dude – look like I’m gonna have to blog a bit more over the next few months ‘to get out there’ amongst ‘the social media landscape’ and ‘engage’ with people. Should be ‘fun’.

  3. hipsterrunoff made me laugh so much that I now realise I should just have given you the twenty quid last night.

  4. Aaron Spandex

    Tipped…..Is it a job or a lifestyle?

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