Mangal Ocakbasi


Last night I watched the Barry inauguration at the Agricultural with @JoelBrazil @eatlikeagirl and @themakelouge – it was awesome and I loved Aretha’s hat. Then ran down the hill for a quick drink with Cheese and Biscuits, Food Stories, Hollow Legs, Foodie Guide and Eatlikeagirl – turns out @thirstforwine was hosting a drinks and dinner thing and I wasn’t invited which was cool cos then Grumblegirlfriend took me for dinner at Mangal Ocakbasi aka 2nd best lamb chops in London. Here’s my review from Tipped

Ocakbasi supposedly means open charcoal grill or something and I can confirm that they do indeed have a massive fucking grill with charcoals in it.

The decor is really simple, perhaps a bit ikea but hey its a restaurant and if you’re coming for tips on how to decorate your living room you’re going to be dissapointed. If however you’re coming to eat some meat gilled with charcoal then you have arrived my friend.

This is how it went down – 2 people, 1 order of Patlican Salata (Lightly grilled aubergine, peppers chopped & topped with yoghurt & butter) 1 order of Pirzola (grilled Lamb Chops) Special Karisik (selection of kebabs with quail and salad), 2 cokes and a basket of bread – BOOM!


The Patlican Salata was amazing, tasted a bit like a mexican salsa, quite spicy but not too much. The lamb chops were amazing, not quite as good as Tayyabs but really realy good. The Karisk was some Kofta, some cubed lamb, a lamb rib or steak or something, some chicken and half a quail. All of it was tasty but I was too full by the end of it to eat all the quail. The salad that it came with was massive and actually declicious – loads of gherkins and cabbage and carrots.

To finish with we both had a sweet tea which is kind of like a shot of hot tea that someone has been stewing for a couple of hours but seeing as this is how I like my tea I was in heaven.

All in all the bill came to less than £30 which considering how much we both ate is rediculous.

This is now one of my new favorite places to eat – full stop.

Oh and it’s BYOB so I stopped off at City Beverage for some awesome treats.


2 responses to “Mangal Ocakbasi

  1. Hey dude it was cool to see ya last night! Glad to hear you tracked down some lamb chops, I must go try! Blessed are the lamb chops. Amen.

  2. I love Mangal lamb chops!! Mangal’s not a place to wow a date, but it’s excellent for meat eaters. It was lovely to meet you by the way!

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