London Pub Reviews

dsc00385-1I just had the most awesome weekend and one of the highlights was finally going to Broadway Bookshop – it’s on Broadway Market which a pleasant but hectic way to spend a Saturday morning. I’ve never been to the bookshop because it looks so small but it’s a bit like a tardis inside. Anyway I ended up buying a book called London Pub Reviews and it’s awesome – written by a guy from New Zealand called Paul Ewen it’s these weird surrealist accounts of his vists to various pubs in London which always end up with him being ejected from the pub. When he visits the Golden Heart he somehow believes that the piano turns into a rocket propelled car, and when he visits Bradley’s in Soho he’s so convinced that the building would be better served as a swimming pool he tries to do the landlord a favour by flooding the toilets! It’s an awesome mix of fact and fiction – the descriptions of the pubs are spot on and the level of insanity seems to fit well with the ambiance of each place. Anyway if you see it you should buy it – the front cover looks like an old pub window – GOLD!!!!



One response to “London Pub Reviews

  1. Sounds awesome, can I borrow it when you’re done pls?

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