GrumbleGarden: Introducing the band


So a month or so ago something finally snapped and I cleaned up my festering balcony. For the past couple of years it’s been home to all sorts of rubbish like paint pots, some broken chairs, a lot of fag butts and some other old crap. I cleared everything out and then took a trip up Columbia Rd and got myself some plants. It started off with a couple of mini fir tree things and some window boxes with some cheap flowers (can’t remember the names). I did treat myself to an Acer and I had a couple of desert looking plant things donated by Grumblegirlfriend when she moved flat.

I instantly became hooked and it’s grown into a tiny wilderness in a matter of weeks. The window boxes now are home to a small rosemary bush, some tomato plants (not grown from seed), some rocket and mixed salad leaves and a couple of lavender plants. I’ve got 2 more tumbling tomato plants (red / yellow) in a hanging basket. I built some shelf things out of old paint pots and a bit of wood and they’re home to a big chive plant (donated my Grumblemum) a Sambucca plant (bday present from Grumblesister) and some little flower things. Also there’s my massive Olive tree which was a 3oth bday present from Grumblefriends.

Also in the little wall mounted thing behind the Acer is a chilli plant, some corn on the cob and some other herb thing that I can’t remember the name of.

Then on the windowsill in the kitchen there’s my nursery where I’m trying to grow my seeds – I’ve got basil, dill, corriander and oregano on one dish. 2 types of tomato in another. Lambs lettuce, mixed salad leaves and rocket in another AND a tray of Alfalfa sprouts which I love.

Ohhh and not to forget my favorite (shhh don’t tell the others as they might cry) is my new Larix (larch) bonsai that Grumblegirlfriend got me for my 30th – I love it so much and I’ve been reading loads about how to make your own bonsai recently so watch this space.

Anyway I haven’t blogged about anything for ages but now I’ve found something I’m passionate about again and also it’s nice to have some likeminded people out there such as Callum from The London Vegetable Garden, who is much more organised than  me, but perhaps equally excited about the prospect of growing your own food and stuff.

(apologies for this messy gallery – haven’t been on wordpress for a while – will sort it later)


8 responses to “GrumbleGarden: Introducing the band

  1. That is really fantastic space. You should read “The Guerrilla Gardener” by Richard Reynolds if you haven’t already.

    I’m v. impressed!! Good luck with the seeds…

  2. GrumbleMouse; your garden looks incredible already! As you’ve mentioned, it really is addictive and when you look at pictures like yours next to ones of a balcony strewn with cigarettes and paint pots, why would you not want to spruce up your own urban space!

    Good luck with the project – I look forward to following your progress!


  3. Thanks – I’ve actually surprised myself as I never thought of myself as green fingered – still they might all die soon so we’ll see.

    Never read that book but will check it out.

  4. @callum – thanks dude – yeah I’ve become a total addict and even get restless if I’m out thinking about how the seedlings are. I’m probably more hardcore than a lot of people when it comes to throwing yourself into a project but I do wonder when I see everyone else in the block having balconies filled with junk – I guess I shouldn’t preach – mine has been skanky for 99% of the time I’ve lived here!

    • @grumblemouse my train home (the dreaded London Overground aka ‘Crime Line’) goes right past my block of flats and it’s a concrete oasis apart from my small square of green garden. I totally agree – it amazes me how many people are content just to leave a balcony bare and boring.

  5. It looks awesome. Mucho impressed.

    I tried to migrate my plants (grown from seed) to the balcony. It has no wind proofing. They fell over. 😦

  6. Brilliant! I am massively jealous of your garden! I want I want! My balcony is coming along though so shouldn’t complain. I had two bonsais once – I recommend finding out as much as you can about them because mine were fine for two years and then suddently died – eek! I have a couple of books if you want em.

  7. @Helen spare books? Will swap you for some beer? Also I’ve probably got too many herb seedlings so maybe I could donate you some when they get a bit bigger.

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