GrumbleGarden: Flowering not Flourishing

So I skipped home this weekend and proudly boasted to my mum how my lettuce leaves and rocket were flowering. I thought that this meant or perhaps proved how much of a badass gardener I was. Turns out I was wrong wrong wrong! Mother dear told me about something called bolting and it means that the flower is trying to steal all the goodness from the actual plant.


Anyway – long story short I immediately ripped the flowers from their stems as soon as I got home – the balcony may have fewer flowers but long may the grumblegarden prosper.



3 responses to “GrumbleGarden: Flowering not Flourishing

  1. Need not worry about anything, if you are garden lover and grown flower it will flourish one day. Nice Blog with little and to the point information.

  2. I had a similar experience yesterday. I am growing lollo rossa lettuce (courtesy of free seeds from the beeb) and am dead impressed by the seedlings and proudly showed my mum in a “look what I made” kinda way. I have around 5 in a tiny yoghurt pot but am a bit stumped at what to do next. When I transplant them can I successfully grow them indoors on my windowsill? Don’t want to put them in the garden as I’m scared all the stray cats will pee on them and who wants cat pee flavoured lettuce?

  3. Hey Deena

    hmmm I think you should be able to grow them on your windowsill but I guess it all depends on how much sun light they get – but yeah I would have thought so – I’m going to try and grow a bunch of my salad leaves that are still seedlings inside.

    Also glad to hear that you’re using yoghurt pots – gonna do a post soon about using odd things as pots.


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