Grumblegarden: Progress

Ugh I’ve been a bit busy busy busy recently and working at home is torture because all I want to do is faff about with the seedlings and pick at the bigger tomato plants and make sure everyone is getting enough sun. I’ve also realised or identified a very dangerous Grumblegarden predator and that is the lesser spotted flatmate – whether it’s fag butts in their pots or knocking the plots or as I found out this weekend their lack of watering the plants after I’ve asked them! Ho hum. Anyway I got my first tomato last week which was very exciting!


I also got my first ladybird which is awesome as she can keep the pesky green / whitefly away from my chilli plant.I’m going to call her Billie after Billie Holiday who was really called Lady Day.


And recently I’ve been befriending the people in all my local delis and getting them to give me all their old tin cans which I’ve been painting and then this weekend I’ll transfer some of my tomato seedlings into them.



4 responses to “Grumblegarden: Progress

  1. Hey nice idea with the cans! I love that. Can you ask Billy to send over some of her mates please? I need all the help I can get over here. I’m not fussy about number of spots.

  2. Sorry Billie not Billy. I can’t bear to leave that mistake uncorrected.

  3. A tomato already, wow! My plants are huge but showing no signs of flowering yet.

    I’ve also been saving cans which I’m intending to punch holes in, paint and then hang up with tealights in. I say intending, I’ve had these Blue Peter urges before and they never amount to much.

  4. Ah, the ol’ lesser spotted flatmate! Tricky one! Lovin’ the progress – I’m being troubled by pesky greenfly at the mo, wish it was only ladybirds!

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