As usual I’ve been focussing on pretty much everything but blogging recently with some new jobs coming in and a couple of weekends away, but after spending an interesting day with Callum from The London Vegetable Garden I thought I’d better get my ass in gear.

After a couple some awesome awesome coffee from Taste of Bitter Love (where we bumped into James from Dose Espresso) we sauntered around Columbia Rd discussing various options for mulch (vacum cleaner fluff & seaweed). Anyway whilst discussing growing things from bulbs we chanced upon a stall which was offering ‘Cobra Lily‘ blubs. They’re called that because they have a hood which catches flies and eats them – awesome. Anyway being the competitive person I am I challenged Callum to a race – to see who’s lily flowers first!

Right so I chose this awesome pot that my mum gave me this weekend – not sure what it’s for.


I’ve been realising the importance of drainage recently what with growing so much stuff in tin cans so I put a bunch of shells at the bottom of my pot. £2 for a massive bag – bargain.


Then I planted it in the soil which was a bit tricky as I’ve never planted a bulb before – I’ve placed him in my newly arranged mediterranean / seaside section of the balcony – fancy!


So the race is on – make sure you check out Callum’s blog and if you’re a gardener too make sure you check out the new London Gardener’s Network, which is a great resource to share tips, show of your gardening skills and maybe make some gardening friends.


2 responses to “Cobrastyle!

  1. 10/10 for presentation – and the fact that you have a mediterranean / seaside section of your balcony – very impressive! You may have won the presentation prize but the race is definitely on now – may the best cobra lily win!

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