Grumblegarden: Cobra Lily Update

You may remember a few weeks ago after a wander round Columbia Road Flower maket Callum from The London Vegetable Garden and I challenged each other to a Lily-Off – this might in fact be East London’s first ever Lily-Off, until someone proves me otherwise I’m going to call it like that! Anyway nothing much seemed to be happening to the lily but I just checked and it seems ever so slightly different – it looks to me like the race might be on! Your move Callum ……



2 responses to “Grumblegarden: Cobra Lily Update

  1. oooh oooh! I got some ‘lily trees’ this year – they are the result of some kind of seriously intensive breeding and are like mutants. They shot up in the space of a couple of weeks and are now about 4 feet tall and covered in blooms – bonza! Just make sure to avoid that blasted pollen – nasty stuff.

  2. Well well dear sir, the lily-off is well and truly underway. I shall be posting a picture update within a matter of days; suffice to say that at this current moment, you and I are tied…

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