Grumblegarden: Edible Update – Toms

About time I updated on what’s been growing in the garden of late – even thought the weather has been cold and shitty things are happening. I even ate a couple of tomatoes off my hanging plant yesterday and they were awesome! Felt quite proud! Anyway so the hanging toms are going great guns…..


Then there’s the big toms – they’re pretty big right now and Grumblegirlfriend thinks I should eat at least one of them – I’m a bit hesitant though….


Then there’s my weird yellow long toms – again Grumblegirlfriend says I should eat them but I’m too scared or precious to try them ……


Oh and then there are my plants that I grew from seed (the others I bought as baby plants) – addmitedly a little late but they’re all starting to flower which is awesome as I’m growing them all in tin cans! We shall see ……



2 responses to “Grumblegarden: Edible Update – Toms

  1. aww yellow tomatoes are the lovliest – listen to the grumble girlfriend! green ones are better for making chutney.. which reminds me, got to pick some agar agar from china town to make my own green tomato jelly tonight! w00t!

  2. blimey – your edible garden is doing really well! The yellow tomatoes don’t look very yellow yet, I’m also growing yellow toms and I’m holding off until they get properly yellow. Exciting times!

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