What is a Grumblemouse?

I’m Grumblemouse aka Charles (not to be mistaken for Carles from the popular internet meme site Hipster Runoff).

I’m the Community Manager at Tipped which is a cool site where people write reviews about places they’ve been. My job is to make people feel happy there which basically means I have to stive to be a nice person and create events which make people happy. Another side of my job is deciding things that the company should do aka how the comapny should behave. Another side of my job is experiencing stuff and getting invloved – like exploring the world of craft beers or understanding what makes good coffee good or going to art galleries.

All in all this makes for an awesome job but due to the ‘current economic crisis’ I may have to take other jobs to pay my rent.


4 responses to “What is a Grumblemouse?

  1. very slick feed through capturing name and email from twitter… nice. 🙂

  2. Aaron Spandex

    I suggest that you could earn a shilling or two as a J Kay lookalike.

  3. Dear Grumblemouse,

    Just in case this is of interest I am emailing to let you know that ‘Mythogeography’ (the book) is just emerging from the printers. All the details are here –


    And there’s a website too, which pushes it all a little bit further and that’s here – http://www.mythogeography.com

    The book takes the form of a documentary-fictional collection of the internal documents, diary fragments, letters, emails, narratives, notebooks and handbooks of a loose coalition of artists, performers, ‘alternative’ walkers and pedestrian geographers. All Illustrated in full colour by Tony Weaver, who designed the Wrights & Sites’ Mis-Guide books.

    The fragmentary and slippery format recognises the disparate, loosely interwoven and rapidly evolving uses of walking today: as performance, as exploration, as urban resistance, as activism, as an ambulatory practice of geography, as meditation, as post-tourism, as dissident mapping, as subversion of and rejoicing in the everyday. ‘Mythogeography’ celebrates that interweaving, its contradictions and complementarities, and is an attempt at a handbook for those who want to be part of it.

    I hope you enjoy it and find it of some use.

    Best wishes,

    Phil Smith

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