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Team Awesome Al Fresco Adventure

Saturday was hella action packed what with Record Store Day and The Bicycle Thieves gig but the highlight was definitely the Team Awesome outing to visit the Memory Project on the southbank. In attendance were Jamie, Priyanka, Charlie and Sam – having convened and smoked some Holland and Barrett herbal cigarettes (seriously these are the future) we headed over the Jason Bruges designed, tardis type looking, 360 degree panorama photo taking cyclorama. We faffed around outside it and then went inside – to be honest while the concept is solid – the cyclorama takes 11 photos a minute then displays them inside on screens that have thermal imaging sensors so that you can move the images back through time – the execution was lacking.

We headed off to the Haywood gallery to see what was what and ended up in the shop where we found these awesome kaleidascope things shaped like vintage cameras – being that we’re awesome we started messing around taking pictures through them – we quickly realised that not only were they golden but they could greatly improve our enjoyment of the memory project.

We all headed back and promptly covered the camera lenses of the cyclorama with the kaleidascopes – it didn’t quite turn out as planned but it was still fun.

Anyway – the kaleidacopes were still awesome and with a little practice you can get some really nice shots – expect a Team Awesome photography exhibition in a town near you soon.