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Grumblegarden 2010: It’s on!

Right so this is just a quick post to kick things off – it’s been a while since I blogged and I can’t really be arsed but hey ho. Grumblegarden has come along way since it’s humble beginning last summer – we’ve essentially only just entered spring and already there’s hardly any room to move. I won a massive bonsai yesterday at The Joy of Bonsai in Bath which I’ll post about soon and I’ve got a load of hyacinths and daffodils flowering.

Also I’ve been a little bonsai obsessed over the past few months and have gathered quite a few young trees which I’ll be posting about later.

And this is the view from inside – I’ve got about 25 tulips in the little pots on the left – a load more Hyancinth bulbs underneath the Olive tree, the Acer is about ready to wake up from hibernation and my Jasmine and Honeysuckle are settling in nicely. That’s about it for now but there’ll be much more to come 🙂


Grumblegarden: The Cobra Race

I’m in a bit of a rush but from the looks of things I may be pipped to the post by The London Vegetable Garden 😦



Grumblegarden: Cobra Lily Update

You may remember a few weeks ago after a wander round Columbia Road Flower maket Callum from The London Vegetable Garden and I challenged each other to a Lily-Off – this might in fact be East London’s first ever Lily-Off, until someone proves me otherwise I’m going to call it like that! Anyway nothing much seemed to be happening to the lily but I just checked and it seems ever so slightly different – it looks to me like the race might be on! Your move Callum ……


Grumblegarden: New Arrivals

So a few of my flowers died – nothing spectacular, just some cheap bedding plants I got from Columbia Rd and it just happened that I chanced across a nursery when I was back home in Norfolk for a weekend. I was browsing round and I stumbled across the most amazing space plant ever – it’s like a silver ball of tumbleweed – I had to get it as it’s just too awesome – turns out it’s a Calocephalus Brownii or Silver Bush or Cushion Bush. It’s native to Australia I think but loves deserts and sea spray – I have nothing like this so we’ll see if he lasts the winter – I hope he does as he’s awesome.


Then I’ve got a couple of carnivorous plants – a tubey thing which is inside and then a little snapper for outside – I don’t know his proper name but I hope he’s happy …..


Grumblegarden: Edible Update – Peppers

So there’s been some activity on the pepper front too – my main ‘Bell Boy’ is about the size of a normal pepper now – the annoying thing is that he was about to start flowering some more when the shit weather came over so it seems like he’s been mostly focused on this one pepper so I don’t know if he’ll have any more ……..


Then there’s my ‘Chilli Pepper’ and it’s kind of the same story – one really good pepper and not much else although he’s got some good flowers so again we’ll see


Then there are the two younger rapscallion pepper plants; my ‘Jalepeno’ and my ‘Sweet Banana’ – they’re younger and fiestier and I reckon they’re about to start causing all sorts of trouble ……..


Grumblegarden: Edible Update – Toms

About time I updated on what’s been growing in the garden of late – even thought the weather has been cold and shitty things are happening. I even ate a couple of tomatoes off my hanging plant yesterday and they were awesome! Felt quite proud! Anyway so the hanging toms are going great guns…..


Then there’s the big toms – they’re pretty big right now and Grumblegirlfriend thinks I should eat at least one of them – I’m a bit hesitant though….


Then there’s my weird yellow long toms – again Grumblegirlfriend says I should eat them but I’m too scared or precious to try them ……


Oh and then there are my plants that I grew from seed (the others I bought as baby plants) – addmitedly a little late but they’re all starting to flower which is awesome as I’m growing them all in tin cans! We shall see ……


Grumblegarden: Progress

Ugh I’ve been a bit busy busy busy recently and working at home is torture because all I want to do is faff about with the seedlings and pick at the bigger tomato plants and make sure everyone is getting enough sun. I’ve also realised or identified a very dangerous Grumblegarden predator and that is the lesser spotted flatmate – whether it’s fag butts in their pots or knocking the plots or as I found out this weekend their lack of watering the plants after I’ve asked them! Ho hum. Anyway I got my first tomato last week which was very exciting!


I also got my first ladybird which is awesome as she can keep the pesky green / whitefly away from my chilli plant.I’m going to call her Billie after Billie Holiday who was really called Lady Day.


And recently I’ve been befriending the people in all my local delis and getting them to give me all their old tin cans which I’ve been painting and then this weekend I’ll transfer some of my tomato seedlings into them.