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GrumbleGarden: Flowering not Flourishing

So I skipped home this weekend and proudly boasted to my mum how my lettuce leaves and rocket were flowering. I thought that this meant or perhaps proved how much of a badass gardener I was. Turns out I was wrong wrong wrong! Mother dear told me about something called bolting and it means that the flower is trying to steal all the goodness from the actual plant.


Anyway – long story short I immediately ripped the flowers from their stems as soon as I got home – the balcony may have fewer flowers but long may the grumblegarden prosper.



GrumbleGarden: Picture Update

So I went away back to my parents this weekend – good times, chatting with my mum under trees that she’d planted essentially when I was born. Kind of reminded me of Marx’s theory of alienation which I love and also one of the reasons I think I dabble in the art of growing things on my balcone [balcone].


Luckily I have these massive windows in my flat so when the sun is out it’s a bit like living in a greenhouse which pisses my flatmates off but I love it.


So when I went home I pestered my mum for saplings so I could become a grand master bonsai dude and as it turns out she had a couple of baby trees for me – this is my baby beech.


This is a ind of bad photo of my flowering Japanese cherry tree that my mum also donated me – the plan is to let both trees get a bit settled before I start hacking at them.


These are the two tomato plants – one is doing super well but the other is being crowded by the lavender – need to start shifting things around but troubled by what to put next to the lavender.


And here’s a little photo of the garden getting some sun with a lot of seedlings in prime sun position.