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Grumblegarden: New Arrivals

So a few of my flowers died – nothing spectacular, just some cheap bedding plants I got from Columbia Rd and it just happened that I chanced across a nursery when I was back home in Norfolk for a weekend. I was browsing round and I stumbled across the most amazing space plant ever – it’s like a silver ball of tumbleweed – I had to get it as it’s just too awesome – turns out it’s a Calocephalus Brownii or Silver Bush or Cushion Bush. It’s native to Australia I think but loves deserts and sea spray – I have nothing like this so we’ll see if he lasts the winter – I hope he does as he’s awesome.


Then I’ve got a couple of carnivorous plants – a tubey thing which is inside and then a little snapper for outside – I don’t know his proper name but I hope he’s happy …..