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All of ’em dummy!

‘You need to be everywhere where people are’ – Gary Veynerchuk – king of my world right now.


Social Media Orchestra

OK so this isn’t perfect – I’ve only been thinking about it since this morning but I had to put it together – watching the way events unfolded last night it was almost as if some great social media conductor was at play – waving his baton aaaand now he slowly brings the Twitter feeds up and nudges Pownce, sweeps across and now its time for the facebook groups to start, then a few blog posts, now we’re rolling – then a sharp couple of stabs from SMS and then some embeded videos lollup in and collide with some podcasts and on and so on.

(this is the stage view of an orchestra with social thingys replacing the instruments)

Anyway – this made me think about something that Mark Hadfield said yesterday about how brands just so often don’t get what its all about ‘oh right we need a myspace – ok can you get us one!’ – you can’t just set up a podcast and expect it to work in isolation – its all about context right – you need to choose what sort of tune you want to play or perhaps what your audience is listening too.

This is why I love Gary Vaynerchuk so much – he just gets it, and he doesn’t just video blog about wine, he video blogs about everything and then he twitters is and sets up a facebook group – he leaves it all out there for us to pick and choose and thats why he’s a) so fucking awesome and b) he blogs everyday and is supposedly getting more than 60,000 people a day tuning in – serisouly, he brings the THUNDER!

The thing is – you don’t have to understand it BUT you do have to listen to people that DO and most importantly you have to have PASSION.