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Grumblegarden: Edible Update – Toms

About time I updated on what’s been growing in the garden of late – even thought the weather has been cold and shitty things are happening. I even ate a couple of tomatoes off my hanging plant yesterday and they were awesome! Felt quite proud! Anyway so the hanging toms are going great guns…..


Then there’s the big toms – they’re pretty big right now and Grumblegirlfriend thinks I should eat at least one of them – I’m a bit hesitant though….


Then there’s my weird yellow long toms – again Grumblegirlfriend says I should eat them but I’m too scared or precious to try them ……


Oh and then there are my plants that I grew from seed (the others I bought as baby plants) – addmitedly a little late but they’re all starting to flower which is awesome as I’m growing them all in tin cans! We shall see ……



Grumblegarden: Progress

Ugh I’ve been a bit busy busy busy recently and working at home is torture because all I want to do is faff about with the seedlings and pick at the bigger tomato plants and make sure everyone is getting enough sun. I’ve also realised or identified a very dangerous Grumblegarden predator and that is the lesser spotted flatmate – whether it’s fag butts in their pots or knocking the plots or as I found out this weekend their lack of watering the plants after I’ve asked them! Ho hum. Anyway I got my first tomato last week which was very exciting!


I also got my first ladybird which is awesome as she can keep the pesky green / whitefly away from my chilli plant.I’m going to call her Billie after Billie Holiday who was really called Lady Day.


And recently I’ve been befriending the people in all my local delis and getting them to give me all their old tin cans which I’ve been painting and then this weekend I’ll transfer some of my tomato seedlings into them.


GrumbleGarden: Saturday Photos

Today was a scorcher! Didn’t see one cloud all day. I spent most of today taking photos of things on the balcony.


It was so hot I took a few of my tomato seedlings out to get some proper sun – here’s one of the little ones with my big tomato plant behind it.


My tumbling toms in the basket are getting their first flowers which I think means tomatoes are soon to follow!


Some of my little lettuce leaves are getting big enough to eat – I actually muched on some of the rocket today – nom nom nom.


And then the sun went down – awesome day.