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So Much Awesomeness

This is how my brain feels at the moment – there’s so much awesomeness about but finding it hard to find time to sit down and process it all – had an awesome chat with Mr Gower on Sunday night about how its not arriving but the journey that counts – Sam’s post today I think re-iterated that. Went to a fucking awesome talk last night with Priyanka, about virtual worlds, half the panel were in London and half in San Fran although all were in Second Life and the panel discussion was mainly fed through SL and the audio piped through to us – it was fucking amazing really and even though its been around for ages I can’t help feel like this is on some whole Alexander Graham Bell shit. Gary Veynerchuk has repeatedly said that ‘we’re at the national anthem of an 18 inning baseball game’ and at the RSA tonight Charlie Leadbeater re-iterated the point saying that this is just the beginning – its interesting that no sooner had we come to terms with web 2.0 everyone was suddenly rushing around talking about 3.0 – its become like fashion – oh you’re wearing those? thats so yesterday! – I think sometimes we need to just enjoy whats going on, enjoy the journey – I dunno – somehow this has got me thinking about Ferdinand the Bull which was my favorite (and still is) kids book – Ferdinand just does his own thing – sometimes I think its too easy to just follow the crowd and often it seems like the best path but its rarely the path that leads us to happiness or awesomeness. Blurgh I dunno – tired now, rambling – must sleep.