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Luke Skywalker of Spam

Seriously thats who I want to be – I got some awesome spam today – one said said this

Enlarge your aggregate length.

Your girlfriend loves big jang but the problem is that you have small one

Don’t worry! You have good %XTRAZ_CHANE1 to solve this trouble

Today  you can enlarge your jang length

You will be a king of bed for sure

And then another

Ejaculate and shoot over a mile – maximise your rod potential with ….

Seriously – this is awesome – its got to be a parody – I think there’s some bored smart dude – maybe Will Self, sat at home coming up with this shit. It reminded me of one of the most awesome spams I received back in 05

The Expenses of British Queen Elizabeth II for the
last year increased from 34, 9 billion
pound sterling till 77, 3 billions. It is double more
in contrast with past year.

Perhaps, the most outrageous item of the expenses
considers so-called “escort services”,
simply sexual amusements of the queen.

“Every British citizen will pay for my sex” – this
sensational news has been said some hours

Maximum awesome LOL – I’m thinking of setting up some bespoke spam services for people that need some extra lolspam in their lives – you know that bit in Star Wars when all the robots rush at the Jedi and they just cold blast them out of their with The Force? Well thats what I’m going to do to spam – my spam is going to be fucking awesome and will increase your aggregate length 25m longer than any other spam AND it will be 700% cheaper. Puts me in mind of the greatest wordsmith who ever lived – Humpty Dumpty – fucking awesome.