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A couple of years ago I set up a music blog called Upside Down Stupid Hat (awesome name right?) and through it I got to meet all sorts of awesome people – bloggers, bands, pr kids and also some dude called Anthony who had set up a music blog aggregator called the Hype Machine – Anthony has come a long way since then especially if you’re into interweb rumours. Anyway he said he was going to be hanging out at OpenMusicMedia tonight so I went down to check it out.

OpenMusicMedia is a kind of likemind, Tuttle or Techcrunch UK meetup but for the music industry set up by Jonas from LastFM and some dude called Dave (there’s always one right?). I have to say for a first event they had an awesome turnout and the William IV was a great venue. Basically Anthony gave an overview of what the Hype Machine is and what they up to and people interjected with questions of varying degrees of sensibility. It looks as if Hype Machine are looking at ways of licensing music that features on the site in a way to feed back some of the ad revenue to bloggers and bands – sounds good but all I can think is that this is one huge fucking minefield – anyway more power to them. The really interesting thing was listening to the questions / statements that people were making and I have to say for a digital orientated gathering a lot of people seemed way off target – one guy (a musician) kept bleating on about how music bloggers were sitting up in their ivory towers counting their big piles of money received from promoting major label artists – dude, if your music was any good bloggers would write about it – end of. Other people seemed to have never actually read a music blog which I found surprising. There was lots of talk about Sellaband and Slicethepie which was semi sensible but to be honest I feel that a lot of these guys still don’t understand the internets and the advantages that it brings (there was one of these guys at the Matt Mason talk the other day – Priyanka called him ‘Audience Man’ – awesome – I heard he was big at the BMI)

As is often the case at these sorts of things the best chats were after the main event – my boy Aaron who runs all tings digital over at Vice/VBS was there and we had some good chats about managing multiple communities with Matt from samuari.fm. Good chats with Jaz from Shinyred about pregnancy / parenting 2.0. Also a couple of the guys from SongKick were in the house and we had some good chats about virtual worlds and their general awesomeness.

All in all a really good evening and I’ll defo be going down to the next one but maybe next time I’m gonna print out some articles by Chris Anderson & Seth Godin – at the very least it’ll have the pigeons ruffling their feathers and squarking a bit more.


What a lovely day

Wow, what a lovely day – skipped down to the TechcrunchUK meet up on the southbank at lunch and then again after school – met some really interesting people – then on the way home I bumped into a bunch of people coming out of the Shine Unconference – kinda wish I’d made it to Tuttle this morning for the hat-trick – London can be such a village sometimes – awesome.