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Nice To Meet You

A while ago I went to a talk at the RSA on the Future of Travel, as usual it was awesome and this guy John Adams spoke a lot of wisdom. One thing that stuck with me was a point he made about people who use the internet. He basically dicussed the idea that whilst the internet allows us to connect with people all over the globe from the comfort of our arm chairs, those who engage with social media are more likely or as likely to travel as those that don’t. The example he used was people playing poker online and that people that play poker online regularly are more likely to travel somewhere to attend a poker match or meetup with online poker friends in the real world etc etc. I guess the theory is that social media makes us more social and therefore more likely to meet up on the real world.

I think about this every time I got to Social Media Cafe AKA Tuttle Club which has now moved from the Coach and Horses in Soho to the ICA (which has had a nice refurb). Its essentially a room full of internet geeks talking about social media but the thing is that not only is everyone friendly and welcoming but it happens every Friday morning and last week there must have been over 50 people attending. This is the thing that strickes me as interesting is that there are so many ‘internet’ networking events, in an industry that is based on helping people ‘connect’ the one thing that everyone wants to do more than anything is meet people in the real world. Lloyd Davis who set up SMC made a nice announcement about the new venue and then introduced Toby Moores who I don’t know but he announced a proposal to create a network of networks – essentially getting all the different groups to meet up at once. It sounds like an awesome idea.

He didn’t mention whether likemind would be invited – if you don’t know likemind its a monthly meetup of often digitally orientated creative types ranging from planners, illustrators, video people, writers and even a few poets. I’m one of the hosts along with the delectable Jamie Coomber. Its the third Friday of the month (that means this Friday) at Cafe Boheme in Soho and it kicks off at 8.30 so you have plenty of time to still get to work. Anyway that was a bit rambling, sorry, trying to get back into this blogging lark.


What a lovely day

Wow, what a lovely day – skipped down to the TechcrunchUK meet up on the southbank at lunch and then again after school – met some really interesting people – then on the way home I bumped into a bunch of people coming out of the Shine Unconference – kinda wish I’d made it to Tuttle this morning for the hat-trick – London can be such a village sometimes – awesome.